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angle-left null First block train with zinc-lead concentrate has started to China

First block train with zinc-lead concentrate has started to China

On February 24, 2020 TransContainer collected and dispatched the first block train with zinc-lead concentrate to China. The carriage from Noyon-Tologoy ore deposit in Zabaikalskiy Krai consists of 62 40 foot containers. Such carriages will be regular in future - trains will be dispatched twice a month. Previously such type of cargo was being transported  in open cars.

The volume of the market in the region is considerably high. Reserves of Noyon-Tologoy ore deposit are approximately 9 million tons, proven reserves are more than 7 million tons. It is supposed to produce 812,7 thousand tons of zinc and 624,6 tons of lead concentrate after reaching total output.

Container transportation of polymetallic ore is one of new strategic development areas of TransContainer Branch at Zabaikalskaya Railway. A contact on forwarding of zinc concentrate from Kyzyl-Tashtyg pyrites-polymetallic ore deposit was concluded in 2019. Until now 100% of carriages to Chengdu (China) has been dispatched in open cars, however 364 20 foot containers has been dispatched in 5 month of the last year as a result of proactive efforts.