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angle-left null Clarification from PJSC TransContainer regarding winners for the purchase of freight forwarding services

Clarification from PJSC TransContainer regarding winners for the purchase of freight forwarding services

Due to recent media reports regarding the conclusion of a feasibility study agreement with Individual Entrepreneur V.G. Regida in the amount of 1,366 million rubles, PJSC TransContainer considers it necessary to report the following.

Individual entrepreneur V.G. Regida was indeed recognized as one of the winners for the purchase of freight forwarding services for goods arriving and/or sent to/from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

However, it is necessary to note a number of fundamentally important peculiarities of this procurement, which should be studied before drawing conclusions on the inclusion of the applicant among the largest contractors under state contracts.

1. The procurement placed has nothing to do with state orders and state contracts. It was not traded on the basis of Federal Law dated April 5, 2013 N 44-ФЗ, and PJSC TransContainer is not a state or municipal customer by virtue of Article 3 of that Federal Law.

2. The specifics of PJSC TransContainer involves the provision of through services to its customers in almost all regions of the world and by all means of transport, including in areas where, due to economically and/or technologically justified reasons, the development of the Company’s competence is unfeasible. In this case, the Company, as a rule, involves co-contractors who provide a certain type of service in these segments.

The selection of co-contractors is carried out on the basis of open procurement procedures – using the offer method. This method assumes that the Company enters into an agreement with all bidders, who have expressed their desire to participate in the purchase and meet certain requirements.

At the same time, the offers, as a rule, have a long, more than a year, deadline for submitting applications for participation in the procurement, so that the number of winners in the procurement is as large as possible.

The ability to choose from several co-contractors to perform similar services on the same route is necessary to maintain a stable and differentiated service for the Company’s customers, helps to adapt to the needs of the customer and allows adjusting the cost of the services provided by the co-contractors while ensuring their quality.

On March 2, 2017, PJSC TransContainer summed up the results of the first stage of the procurement by way of placing the offer No.RO-TsKPZT-17-0001, where five participants were recognized as the procurement winners (including Individual Entrepreneur V.G. Regida). On April 18, 2017, the Company summed up the results of the second stage of the procurement by way of placing an offer, where another participant was recognized as the winner of the procurement. Thus, in addition to Individual entrepreneur V.G. Regida, 5 more other participants of this offer were recognized as winners. The deadline for filing applications for this purchase is January 31, 2020, which suggests that other winners may also appear in the coming years.

3. Agreements within the framework of the offer are of a framework nature. The co-contractor provides services only on the basis of the application of PJSC TransContainer. The Company chooses which of the co-contractors to order a specific unit service, based on a number of factors: customer need, co-contractor capabilities, conditions for the provision of a particular service, its cost, etc. Thus, the conclusion of an agreement with Individual entrepreneur V.G. Regida with a certain settlement limit does not mean that the volume of purchased services will be this amount.

The settlement limit of 1,366 million (cumulatively) is set for all six (at the moment) offer winners for 3 years of work.

For this year, as of November 30, 2017, volume of settlements under all agreements associated with spending of funds with counterparty Individual entrepreneur V.G. Regida amounted to 0 rubles.