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angle-left null TransContainer and RZD Agreed on Integration of iSales and RZD Market Online Services

TransContainer and RZD Agreed on Integration of iSales and RZD Market Online Services

TransContainer of Delo Group and JSCo RZD have agreed to cooperate in integration of iSales online service and RZD Market marketplace. The respective agreement was signed by Victor Markov, Director of TransContainer, and Alexey Shilo, Deputy General Director of JSCo RZD – Head of Center for Corporate Transport Services, within the framework of Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

The services integration will make it easier for freight owners to get railway logistics solutions and will increase the level of the railway logistics digitalization.

“This agreement will make it possible to integrate iSales online service developed by TransContainer into RZD Market trading platform, which will enable the users of the platform to calculate the cost and order container transportation of the goods purchased on RZD’s marketplace in a few clicks. The development of cooperation with RZD will give an extra boost to the logistics containerization and bring in new volumes to TransContainer's services,” noted Victor Markov.

“The integration of RZD Market with iSales online service is a new stage in the freight marketplace development concept, which will allow us to implement new functionality for users and increase their interest in the platform. Digital interaction between the services of RZD and TransContainer will significantly expand the range of goods sold and transported via the marketplace and allow to attract new suppliers and buyers who previously could not take advantage of the service,” said Alexey Shilo.

Under the agreement, RZD intends to ensure the integration of iSales on the marketplace’s side and work out a user-friendly legal and financial system of interaction.