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angle-left null TransContainer’s Loaded Traffic Grows above the Market in 2022

TransContainer’s Loaded Traffic Grows above the Market in 2022

PJSC TransContainer (part of Delo Group) increased its loaded traffic using the managed fleet by 5.1% to 1.8m TEUs in 2022.

Growth in this indicator was driven by exports risen by 11.3% to 0.7m TEUs. Imports grew by 9.5% to 0.4m TEUs. Domestic traffic grew by 1.1% to 0.5m TEUs.

The company’s market share in the total loaded container traffic in the Russian railways network increased by 1.7 percentage points for the full year – from 36% to 37.7%. The statistics ignores all third-party wagons and containers engaged in the company’s transportation.

That said, trends in loaded transportation with the use of TransContainer-managed fleet in 2022 exceeded the growth rates of total loaded shipments across Russian railways network, the latter grew by 0.4%.

Container traffic in the Russian Federation in 2022 (m TEUs):

  Loaded* traffic using the fleet managed by PJSC TransContainer Total loaded traffic across Russian railways network Inclusive of empty wagons traffic Inclusive of total empty wagons traffic across Russian railway network
Years 2022 % vs. 2021 2022 % vs. 2021 2022 % vs. 2021 2022 % vs. 2021
TOTAL: 1,8 +5,1% 4,6 +0,4% 2,6 +8,7% 6,5 +0,3%
– within the Russian Federation 0,5 +1,1% 1,2 -0,3% 1,1 +13,8% 2,5 +3,2%
– exports 0,7 +11,3% 1,4 -3,4% 0,7 +9,3% 1,5 -3,9%
– imports 0,4 +9,5% 1,2 +31,9% 0,6 +6,7% 1,6 +16,6%
– transit 0,2 -15,8% 0,8 -21,1% 0,2 -12,5% 0,9 -21,6%

* Exclusive of the wagons and container fleet being engaged to perform transportation

TransContainer’s railway services maintained a stable operation of stevedoring companies in the Far East of Russia amid extra loads due to the transformation of logistics that was then underway. For instance, Global Ports terminal (61.5% of shares are held by Delo Group) Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company raised its transshipment traffic in Vostochny Port by 20.1% to 624k TEUs in 2022. The measures taken to handle imports entailed arranging for container deliveries to off-dock terminals by trucks, followed by their shipment in the trains consisting of open wagons (since early November, with transshipment onto flatcars in the cities of Siberia; since late December, directly bound for Moscow Transportation Hub). According to data from Global Ports, last year’s total freight traffic through the maritime container terminals of the Far East increased  by 9.3% to 2.068m TEUs.

“In 2022, TransContainer responded promptly to geopolitical and macroeconomic changes by increasing its container fleet and offering its customers a whole range of new routes, and also by leveraging vigorously the synergistic effects of cooperation with the other assets of Delo Group. A rise in export-import operations allowed substituting completely lower transit traffic,” the company’s First Vice President Victor Markov noted.