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Container Terminals

Content: Container Terminals

Terminal services

Terminal services are also a part of our core business and involve the following services:

  • rail container handling, including loading and unloading operations;
  • storage of rail containers;
  • container transshipment (reloading containers from/to standard-gauge flatcars to/from wide-gauge flatcars, regrouping containers on flatcars according to their destination).

We also provide customers with various value-added services such as:

  • assistance in loading and affixing cargo inside a container;
  • sealing/unsealing;
  • weighing containers;
  • recharging electrical power cells of refrigerator containers;
  • inspecting cargo in containers;
  • cargo warehousing.

Terminal network

Our terminal network consists of terminals located at 42 railway stations throughout Russia and one in Slovakia (Dobra station on the Slovakia-Ukrainian border). Our rail container rail-side terminal network is the largest in Russia by volume of TEUs handled and the second largest by the number of terminals (after the terminal network owned by Russian Railways).

Our terminals are located throughout the entire Russian railroad network, and have a nationwide coverage stretching from Sakhalin in the Far East to Kaliningrad in the most western point of Russia, with most of our terminals located at key transportation hubs and important cross-border junctions. Our Kazakhstan subsidiary, KedenTransService, owns and operates 19 rails-side terminals across Kazakhstan.

Our terminal network also plays an important role as central points for container and flatcartraffic management and the streamlining of our intermodal delivery processes, including our ability to run block-trains along key routes.

Many of our terminals also accommodate flatcar and rail container repair and maintenance facilities, in-door warehouse facilities, as well as truck dislocation and management sites. With some of our terminals also containing bonded warehousing yards for containerised cargo storage pending customs clearance. 


All of our terminals in Russia are designated as Sites for Common Use, which requires us to provide our terminal services on a non-discriminatory basis to any market participant willing and able to pay for our terminal services.


Some of our activities, including the loading, unloading and storage of rail containers, are treated as railway infrastructure services, we perform these services as Russian Railways’ agent at prices based on tariffs set by Russian Railways and collect fees for these services on its behalf. 

Our other terminal services, such as loading and unloading of cargo into and from containers, inspecting cargo inside containers, preparing containers for loading and container storage at bonded warehouses are set at free market prices.

Information about TransContainer rail-side container terminals available on the page Geography