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Repair and Maintenance

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Content:Repair and Maintenance

Rail Containers

PJSC TransContainer performs regular maintenance and complete overhaul of its' own containers on 22nd Company's container terminals.

PJSC TransContainer also provides repair and maintenance services to third parties’ rail containers, flatcars and related equipment and assets. Read more >

Please find more info in the documents below:
Rail container repair guidelines


  • regular maintenance - an ongoing process of technical inspection and minor repair; 
  • depot repairs – inspection, and change of wheels, bogies and other worn parts - performed every 160,000 kilometres or at least once every two years;
  • complete overhaul - a scheduled capital repair, performed 17 years after the manufacture of a particular flatcar. An extra life-extension overhaul may be done after 32 years of use which entails 5 more years of flatcar use. Two such life-extension overhauls are allowed for a flatcar.

We also implement some minor repairs at our terminal repair shops.

Usually, it is more cost effective to purchase new flatcars rather than overhaul old flatcars after 32 years of use. Therefore, unless there are specific market conditions, such as a shortage in supply of new flatcars or price considerations, we prefer to purchase new flatcars.