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Freight Forwarding and Logistics

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Content:Freight Forwarding and Logistics

  • assistance for our customers in the preparation of documents for transportation and customs clearance and brokerage, cargo tracking, etc.;
  • all relevant freight forwarding and logistics services combined with route integration and day-to-day management of the delivery process to ensure just-in-time delivery.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

We are able to offer combinations of our basic services, such as container transportation, handling, storage and last mile delivery with freight forwarding and other value-added services, to ensure that we can achieve the exact delivery process required by the customer.

Depending on specific requirements and preferences, we can also integrate the services of third-party providers, for example international container, rail transportation, and other services outside of our normal area of operations.

In providing integrated logistics services, we predominantly use our own assets and outsource services to third-party providers only where there is a mature competitive market and services are easily available and fairly priced.

Our large and diversified allows us to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the whole delivery chain, including predictable competitive all-in price, required timing and available capacity to respond to increases in customer demand.

Our integrated services, with pricing based on an ‘all-in’ or ‘through-rate’ basis, cover all regions in Russia, CIS and many other countries in Europe and Asia. They offer total flexibility and can be tailored to meet specific requirements, providing considerable added value to our customers.