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Alexandrs Isurins

Alexandrs Isurins President of PJSC TransContainer, Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Executive Board

Was born in 1976. In 2001 he graduated from economic school at Baltic-Russian Institute majoring in Enterprise Management.

Additional education: Maersk International Shipping Education, Strategic Management SSE Riga, Executive Education Singularity University.

Mr. Isurin has been working in the sphere of transport and container transportation since 2005. He started his career with Maersk, then became head of MSC’s representative office in Russia and Central Asia – one of the major container transportation companies all over the world.

In 2014 he joined FESCO team, held positions of Vice-President, Senior Vice-President on Commerce and then President.

In March 2020 was appointed President of PJSC TransContainer.

Victor Markov

Victor Markov First Vice President, Member of the Executive Board

Victor graduated from the Gubkin State Academy of Oil and Gas, majoring in Law in 1998. He started working in the Department of Legal Due Diligence and Preparation of Legal Acts of the Legal Administration of the Russian Ministry of Railway Transport. From 1995 to 2000, he worked his way up from a leading expert to become Deputy Head of Department.
In 2000, he became Head of the Department of Legal Support for Relations with the Federal Assembly and reforms of the railway transportation of the Legal Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Railway Transport.
From 2002 to 2003, he was Deputy Head of the Legal Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Railway Transport, Head of the Department of Legal Support for relations with the Federal Assembly and reforms of railway transportation.
From 2003 to 2006, Victor held the position of First Deputy Head of the Legal Directorate of OJSC RZD, and since June 2006 he has worked as our Director of Legal Issues.

Vladimir Drachev

Vladimir Drachev Vice President of Business Operations, Member of the Executive Board
Born in 1951. In 1970 he graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Technical School of Railway Transport. In 1982 he graduated from the Irkutsk Institute of Railway Engineers with a degree in Railway Operation.
From 1969 to 1997, he held various positions in the branches of the East Siberian and Krasnoyarsk Railways.
From 1997 to 2001 - Deputy head of the Department of Transport Management of the Ministry of Railways of Russian Federation.
In 2002, he was appointed head of the Department of Transportation Management of the Ministry of Railways of Russian Federation. 
From 2003 to 2006 - Head of the Department of Transportation Management of Russian Railways.
Since 2006 he has been working in PJSC TransContainer.

Sergey Dolgov

Sergey Dolgov Vice President, Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Executive Board

Year of birth: 1975 

Graduated from Law Department at Rostov State University with a degree in Civil Law in 2000 


In 1995-2018 held senior management positions with different Russian banks.

In 2008-2018 was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Commercial Bank ‘Financial and Industrial Capital’

In February 2020 Sergey Dolgov joined PJSC TransContainer.

Nationality: Russian Federation.
He does not hold any shares or other securities of the Company.  

Pavel Skachkov

Pavel Skachkov Vice-President of Economics and Finance, Member of the Executive Board
Pavel Skachkov was born in Leningrad in 1973. In 1995 he graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance with a degree in Global Economics. He also earned an MBA degree at London Business School in 2006. 
Pavel Skachkov started his professional career with international audit firm “Arthur Andersen” in 1995. 
In 1999-2002 he worked as financial control officer and chief accountant at Russian representative office of Brunswick UBS Investment Bank. In 2002-2004 he held position of a trade expert at UBS bank office in New York. 
After graduating from London Business School Pavel Skachkov held key positions at Morgan Stanley Investment Bank (London, 2006-2012) and Barclays Wealth Management (London, 2012-2013). 
In 2013-2016 in South-East Asia he managed SAIL Group of Companies in Myanmar, the major marketing and communication enterprise in the country. 
He held the position of СFO at JSC Kalashnikov Group in 2016-2019. He also was a member of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors of a number of subsidiary companies.
In February 2020 Pavel Skachkov joined PJSC TransContainer.

Vyacheslav Ter-Khachaturov

Vyacheslav Ter-Khachaturov Vice President of Safety, Member of the Executive Board
Born in 1968. 
Graduated from the Academy of the Ministry of Security of Russia (Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB) in 1993.  In 2011 graduated from the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Higher Professional Education at the Central Union of Consumer Societies “Russian University of Cooperation”. 
1993 - 2007: service in the Federal Security Service of Russia. 
2007 - 2011: Deputy Director of the Protocol Department of the Administration of Krasnodar Territory. 
2011 - 2012: Economic Advisor of the Office of Deputy Chair of the Bank of Russia. 
2012 - 2020: Deputy Director General of Delo-Center LLC.
2020 - present time: employee of PJSC TransContainer.

Vadim Trifonov

Vadim Trifonov Vice President of Personnel, Member of the Executive Board
Vadim Trifonov was born in Moscow in 1959. In 1982 he graduated from the 2nd Moscow State Medical Institute n.a. Nikolay Pirogov.
After graduation Vadim Trifonov worked as medical expert at All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Psychopathology and Forensic Psychiatry n.a. Vladimir Serbsky.
Until 1998 he practiced medicine at a number of health facilities as well as at Spartak football club (Moscow). 
In 1999-2011 he held various positions at business entities. 
From 2011 to 2020 he was chief medical officer at Federal state budgetary institution “Istra Health Center for Employees of Public Prosecution Bodies of the Russian Federation”.
In 2020 Vadim Trifonov joined PJSC TransContainer.

Dmitry Komissarov

Dmitry Komissarov Chief Accountant

He was born in 1979. In 2001, he graduated from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering with major in "Finance and Credit". In 2001-2004, he worked as the accountant, then, as the Head of Sector of Financial Service of the Moscow Railway. In 2004-2008, he held various senior positions in the Department of Tax Policy and Methodology of Taxation of the Accounting Service of JSC RZD. In April 2008, he was appointed as the Head of Taxation Department of JSC TransContainer. Since September 2009, he holds the position of Deputy Chief Accountant of PJSC TransContainer. In July 2020, he was appointed Chief Accountant of PJSC TransContainer.

Andrey Banshikov

Andrey Banshikov Equipment Maintenance Director

Andrey was born in 1983. In 2005 he graduated from Irkutsk State University in Organization of Transportations and Transport Management (Railway Transport). In 2008 he graduated from Far-East Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA in State and Municipal Administration.

In 2003-2004 he worked as a trainman at Zabakailskaya Railway of Russian Railways.

In 2005-2006 he served as a gauger at Chita-1 station.

From 2006 to 2007 he served various positions at Terminal and Warehouse Administrative Department at Zabaikalskaya Railway of Russian Railways.

From 2007 he held executive positions at PJSC TransContainer Branch at Zabaikalskaya Railway and in 2014 he was appointed director of the Branch.

From 2018 he has been working as Equipment Maintenance Director of PJSC TransContainer.

Dmitriy Kerezhe

Dmitriy Kerezhe IT Director

Dmitry was born in 1975. He graduated from Moscow State Academy of Instrument Engineering and Informatics in Engineering.
He obtained MBA from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economics and Public Administration and from GGSB (Grenoble Business School) in 2006.
From 1994 he worked in management, IT, technology and Innovations for different companies including Beiersdorf, Ermann, Walmart, Gartner, SPSR-Express and others.
From June 3, 2019 he served as Advisor to CEO at PJSC TransContainer.
On July 1, 2019 he was appointed IT Director of PJSC TransContainer.

Alexander Podylov

Alexander Podylov Sales and Customer Service Director

Alexander Podylov was born in 1981 in Moscow. In 2003, he graduated from
International Independent Ecological-Political University, majoring in Management,
and in 2011, he graduated with honors from Russian Foreign Trade Academy, with a
degree in International Economics. In 2006-2007, he studied at Cranfield School of
Management (Cranfield, UK) and at Management Centre Europe (Brussels, Belgium),
where he studied the supply chain management, finance and marketing. In 2017
Alexander Podylov completed the course of studies at Harvard Business School under
General Management Program.

In 2004-2009, he held various positions at such international logistics companies as
Maersk and DHL International.

He has been working at PJSC TransContainer since 2009. He has held various
positions such as Sales Deputy Director, Sales and Business Development Director, Deputy General Director.

In May 2020, he was appointed Sales and Customer Service Director of PJSC TransContainer.

Alexander Urudzhev

Alexander Urudzhev Director for Transportation Management

Alexander graduated from Moscow State University of Railways, majoring in Organization of Transportation and Management in Railways in 1996.
In 2006, he re-trained at the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, on a program of Corporate Management in Railway Transportation.
He started working in 1996, at the station of Perovo of the Moscow Railway, where he worked until 1997 as duty officer and station dispatcher.
From 1997 to 1998, he worked as Deputy Station Master of Moscow-II-Mitkovo station of the Moscow Railway, afterwards returning to the station of Perovo where, until 2002, he held the positions of Deputy Station Master, then Chief Engineer and finally Station Master.
From 2002 to 2003, Alexander worked as Deputy Head of the Moscow-Ryazan branch of Moscow Railway and Head of the Transportation Department. From 2003 to 2004, he worked as the Head of the Operations Department of the Centre for the Transport of Goods in Containers (TransContainer), a subsidiary of OJSC RZD. Then from 2004 to 2006 he worked as Deputy Director of the Centre for the Transport of Goods in Containers (TransContainer), and Head of the Operations Department. In July 2006, he became our Deputy Director for Operations.

Evgeny Fadeev

Evgeny Fadeev Chief Engineer

He was born in 1981. In 2005 he graduated from the Siberian state technological University.
From 2001 to 2008 – held various positions at the enterprises of housing-utilities of the Krasnoyarsk territory.
From 2008 to 2016 – held senior positions in companies, specializing in industrial construction.
Since 2018 has been working in PJSC TransContainer.