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Company Overview

PJSC TransContainer (Moody’s Ba3, Fitch B+, ruAA- RAEX) is the leading intermodal container transportation company in Russia. The Company's accounted for approximately 41% of Russia's rail container transportation market1 and about 16.8% of the rail-side container terminal handling2 market in Russia3.

TransContainer owns 38 rail-side container terminals in major cargo formation centers in Russia. The Company also owns and operates terminals through its subsidiaries and JVs: three terminals in Russia. Moreover TransContainer is the largest in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states owner of specialized rolling stock – it operates more than 32 thousand railcars and about 88 thousand ISO containers.

PJSC TransContainer was registered on 4 March 2006 on the basis of RZD subsidiary – Centre for the Transport of Goods in Containers. The Company started to operate from 1 July 2006. At present moment 100% of its shares belongs to LLC Delo-Center.

TransContainer is listed on the Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS.

TransContainer's sales network comprises 90 sales offices in Russia and provides a presence in the CIS, Europe and Asia.

For 6 months of 2020, PJSC TransContainer transported 1,105 thousand TEU (by under Company’s management) and handled 745 thousand TEU via terminals in Russia2. For 6 months of 2020 the TransContainer Group had Revenue under IFRS of RUB 45.5 billion (+ 9.8 % YoY) and Net Income of RUB 5.9 billion.

As part of the development of Internet sales, PJSC TransContainer has developed the iSales service, which allows the customer to arrange the transportation of goods in containers online, independently calculate the cost of services, monitor the status of order execution and disposition of the container, review the archive of orders executed in the personal account. This service allows paying by credit card for the ordered services.

1- Based on rail container transportation volumes, by TEU transported by flatcar feet under Company’s management
2- Based on handling volumes by Company’s - owned terminals and its subsidiaries
3- unless otherwise specified all data on this page are as of 30 June 2020 or refer to the period from January 2020 to June 2020