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Cargo insurance

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Cargo insurance

Insurer: IJSC VSK Strakhovoy Dom.

Policyholder: PJSC TransContainer. 

Beneficiary: a person who has a proprietary interest at the time of the insured event (insurance “on account of whom may concern”, paragraph 3 of Article 930 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). 

Favorable insurance conditions and a high level of service when receiving insurance money – that is what PJSC TransContainer offers as a player in the container transportation market.  
Cargo insurance during transportation is one of the important conditions for the maximum reduction of property risks of owners (cargo owners, beneficiaries) during the delivery of cargoes of any value, and a guarantee of compensation for damage asap upon confirmation of an insured event. 

Not insured: in-transit transportation through the territory of or from / to settlements in the territory of zones of armed conflicts, anti-terrorist operations, hostilities, Albania, Algeria, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Burma (Myanmar), Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Lebanon, Liberia, Nigeria, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, LPR, DPR, Ukraine, countries and regions, the risk level of which is scored as “severe”, “high” and “elevated” in the Global Cargo Watch List. The specified exclusions for the territory of insurance do not apply to transportation to / from / through the territory of South Korea. 

Applicant for the loss adjustment is the Claimant, the Beneficiary (cargo owner / consignee) 

Claimant’s actions in case of cargo damage and loss adjustment: 

1. Upon receipt of a notice of loss, specifies the following data: container number, place and time, reason, amount of transportation, preliminary (estimated) amount of loss.  
2. Fills in the form of notice of a possible insured event.  
3. Sends the completed form of notice of a possible insured event to VSK by e-mail at .  
4. Upon execution of all documents on loss (according to Option A or B), incl. an act-conclusion based on the inspection results (if the inspection is carried out), prepares their scanned copies and checks for correctness.  
5. Fills out the application form for the payment of insurance money. Sends this application and a package of scanned documents to VSK, fixes confirmation of the fact of receipt and correctness of filling.  
6. Receives from VSK a decision on payment or a reasoned refusal in 2-3 working days (Option A/B).  
7. If the event is recognized as an insured event, then the insurance money is paid out within 3-7 business days (Option A/B).