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Share Information

Share Information
Type and category Ordinary registered shares
Form of Issue Book-entry securities
Number of shares outstanding 13,894,778
State registration number 1-01-55194-Е
Issue Currency Russian Roubles
Issue Date 11 May 2006
Par value RUB 1,000
Documents Prospectus
International Prospectus
Results Report on Admission of Shares

DR Information

DR Information
Depository Bank Bank of New York Mellon
DR to Ordinary Share ratio 10 DRs = 1 Share
Currency US Dollars
CUSIP Number 893556100
Documents International Prospectus

Stock Exchanges

Stock Exchanges
Moscow Exchange
Instrument PJSC TransContainer ordinary shares
Ticker TRCN
Currency Russian Roubles
Listed since 9 November 2010
List Name Level 3
ISIN Number RU000A0JPRX9

Instrument GDR on TransContainer ordinary shares
Ticker TRCN
Currency US Dollars
Listed since [9 November 2010]
List Name Main Market
ISIN Number US8935561006