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Content: Company Overview

Please find below details of our key business activities as on 30 September 2018. More detailed operational and financial information as of 2017 and 2018 see on page Key Figures.

Business line

Principal services

Key results


Share in Adjusted revenue

Integrated freightforwarding and logistics services

Freight forwarding, including preparing of shipping documents, customs clearance, etc.

Rail container tracking, delivery scheduling

Multi-modal door-to-door container transportation services based on a flat-though rate

Adjusted revenue under integrated freight forwarding and logistics contracts:
18,372 mln RUB

98 sales offices in Russia

Presence in 29 foreign countries:

7 representative offices in 6 countries

4 JVs,7 operational subsidiaries


Rail container transportation

Provision of flatcars for transportation of
clients' cargoes in Company's
rail containers

Provision of flatcars for transportation of cargoes in client's rail containers;

Leasing of flatcars and containers

Specialised container transportation services

Total rail container volumes transported by the Company’s flatcar fleet: 1,320 thousand TEU1

25,903 flatcars

67,852 ISO


Terminal services

Container loading, unloading and storage through an agency agreement with Russian Railways

Additional terminal services (cargo loading/unloading to/from containers, preparation of containers for loading, etc)

Bonded warehousing services

Terminal throughput in Russia: 949 thousand2TEU,

Company-owned container terminals at 40 railway stations in Russia.

The company's also operates a network of container terminals through its joint ventures and subsidiaries:

19 freight rail-side terminals in Kazakhstan;

2 container terminals in Russia;

1 leased container terminal in Slovakia

209 units of lifting equipment in Russia



Truck deliveries

Container trucking between a rail-side terminal and clients’ warehouses

Customs bonded carriage and delivery from the customs office to client's warehouse

249 thousand TEU

426 vehicles in Russia:

156 Trucks

270 Semitrailers



1. Including transportation under through rate contracts
2. Loaded and empty containers