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Our Rates and Offers

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Comprehensive rates for the transportation of general (non-hazardous) goods on direct routes

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Container shipping from/to Turkey

Service “Turkish ports - Almaty

Service "Turkish ports - Vorsino"

Service “Turkish ports - Yekaterinburg

Service “Turkish ports - Moscow (St. Kresty)"

Service “Turkish ports - Novosibirsk (St. Kleshchikha)

Service "Turkish ports - Omsk"

Service “Turkish ports - Chelyabinsk

Service "Vorsino - Turkish ports"

Service "Yekaterinburg - Turkish ports"

Service "Novosibirsk (St. Kleshchikha) - Turkish ports"

Service "Nur-Sultan - Turkish ports"

Service "Chelyabinsk - Turkish ports"



Rates for transportation from Vladivostok (Cape Churkin (exp.) – cities of the Volga region (Zhigulevskoye sea)

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Rates for the service "Provision of a flatcar/container for additional operations for transportation of goods/containers"

From 01.06.2019

From 01.10.2018 to 31.05.2019

From 01.01.2018 to 30.09.2018


Export of food and agricultural products to China

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