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Combating corruption

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Trust Line Stop Corruption

Trust Line Stop Corruption

If you are concerned about the corruption occurrence or other illegal acts in the PJSC TransContainer, its branches and subsidiaries, we insistently ask you to inform us of such facts (or conceivable facts), by sending us the message to: or by phone +7 (499) 271-77-90.

In accordance with the Anti-corruption policy of the PJSC TransContainer we ensure that the penalties for informing about the cases of abetting the employer or the employee of PJSC TransContainer to commit corruption violations, for informing about the violation of Anti-corruption policy excluding the cases of misleading information will not be applied for the following managers and employees or other associated persons of the Company.

PJSC TransContainer ensures confidentiality of the information about corruption violations received.

Combating corruption

Anti-Corruption Statement 

On the basis of high ethical norms of behaviour accepted by the Company, PJSC TransContainer shares the approach for creating the zero tolerance environments towards any forms of corruption.

It means that PJSC TransContainer disclaims any actions that may cause direct or indirect offer, giving, promise, extortion or taking bribe, mediation in bribery, making payments to simplify administrative, legalistic and other formalities in any forms from any persons/companies or to any persons/ companies, including the representatives of the state, public institutions, private companies and politicians.

Any deviation from this rule is inadmissable for the Company, because it contradicts our values and obligations to the stakeholders.

We make all efforts in order that our business partners, contractors and other persons acting in the name and/or on behalf of and/or in favour of the Company will assume the obligations of creating the zero tolerance environments towards corruption.

In 2015 PJSC TransContainer joined the Anti-corruption Charter of the Russian business and this fact became an important stage in the Company's aspiration to implement the measures aimed at corruption prevention and fight.

The next important stage aimed at creating the unified perception by the employees and other Company’s stakeholders of the methods in terms of corruption prevention and fight became the approval of the Anti-Corruption Policy of PJSC TransContainer by the Company’s Board of Directors. The main principles of the Policy include non-admission of corruption in all its forms and aspects, regular assessment of corruption risks, application of appropriate anti-corruption procedures.

I am perfectly confident that implementation of the Anti-Corruption Policy will result in establishing a culture of impatience with corruption, that in its turn will contribute to reputation of PJSC TransContainer and building of trust towards the Company from the part of the shareholders, investors, business partners, customers and other stakeholders.

Anti-Corruption Policy of PJSC TransContainer PJSC TransContainer joined Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian business Site of Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian business↗