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Container Transportation by Rail

Container Transportation by Rail

Transport your rail freight containers across our extensive container transportation network, covering Europe, CIS, Asia and China.

Standalone rail freight transportation or as part of a comprehensive logistics package, including freight-forwarding, terminal handling and last-mile delivery.

And if your destination is beyond the rails, combine your railway freight transportation with container transportation by water and container transportation by road.

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Russia's Largest Fleet of Flatcars

We have Russia's largest fleet of flatcars, accounting for more than 50% of the country's total. That means we can transport cargo batches of any size - from 1 rail container to 1,000 or more. We'll have the container trains it takes to take your containers across the tracks.

Whether you need a door-to-door delivery, or just need freight trains between your trucks, we'll get your cargo from where it is to where it's needed.

Delivering Rail Freight from Asia to Europe

Our extensive network stretches all the way from Asia Pacific to Europe, across more than 300,000 routes. Plugged directly into the Russian Railways (RZD) network, we'll find the quickest, most cost-efficient route to take your cargo from one continent to the next - or anywhere in between.

Book one of our regular container services directly, let us take care of the logistics for you or speak to one of our sales agents for a custom container delivery solution.

Rail Container Tracking

Our comprehensive online services let you stay in the loop while your cargo's in transit.

Simply use our online portal to track your container, place your orders, control and optimise your regular service package, get invoices and accounting documents and make payments online.

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