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Rail Containers Storage

Store your rail containers at our bonded warehouses while you organise customs clearance and payment of duties. We have 10 bonded warehouses located across Russia at our rail terminals. Just get your container to the terminal and we'll put it in our warehouse.

Containers can be stored at our bonded warehouses as part of a complete freightforwarding and logistics service, in conjunction with a rail freight solution or simply as a standalone service.

Book online or speak to one of our sales agents for more details.

Customs Clearance Assistance

If you need help with customs clearance, we can help. Clear away the complexity and offload your customs responsibilities to us.

We have access to over 200 customs experts with unrivalled knowledge of foreign trade laws across the Russian Federation and beyond. While your rail container's in storage at one our bonded warehouses, let us take care of getting it to its next destination.

We can take care of the customs inspection and liaise with customs officers on your behalf. So you only have to think about what happens to your cargo when it gets the other side of the border.

Bonded Warehouses Across Russia

We have 10 bonded warehouses at our rail terminals in Russia. Use the table below to see nearest terminal to your final destination.

Station  Branch  Storage Area m2
Lagernaya Gorkovsky 1170
Kostariha Gorkovsky 1990
Zabaykalsk Zabaikalsky 6836
Kurskaya Moskovsky 910
Kunzevo-2 Moskovsky 2659
Yekaterinburg-freight Sverdlovsky 2415
Rostov-freight Severo-Kavkazsky vol. 85 m³
Magnitogorsk-freight Yugno-Uralsky 663
Chelyabinsk-freight Yugno-Uralsky 1502
Bazaikha Krasnoyarsky 600