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Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

PJSC TransContainer is the market leader in the transportation of containers by rail in the 1520 area and a member of the Delo Group, the largest transport and logistics holding in Russia. 

The Company is aware of the social responsibility of business to society and, when choosing ways and means of its development, relies on fundamental human values, international law, the laws of the Russian Federation, and takes into account the environmental and social consequences of its decisions.

PJSC TransContainer conducts its business activities in compliance with ethical standards, based on the principles of respect, integrity, honesty, and responsibility. The Сompany seeks to achieve significant long-term operational and financial results based on the balance of interests of its shareholder, the state, employees, suppliers and customers, public institutions and other stakeholders. 

On July 5, 2021, the Сompany’s Board of Directors approved the revised Code of Conduct of PJSC TransContainer, which reinforces the Сompany’s commitment to high ethical standards and represents a set of the most important principles of doing business and rules of conduct for employees adopted by our Сompany. It is based on the mission, strategy and corporate values of the Сompany. 

In order to simplify the perception and increase the motivation to comply with the Code, the Management Board of the Company approved a visualized version of the Code without losing the quality of the semantic content.

The Code is intended for all managers and employees of PJSC TransContainer in Russia and abroad. Following the Code is an indispensable condition for working in the Сompany.