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Corporate Ethics

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Corporate Ethics

Employees and managers of TransContainer follow Company’s high ethical standards in their daily activities.

This is an important element of the corporate culture and creates an atmosphere of trust in relations with employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders, from which we also expect a responsible ethical behaviour.

When tackling ethical issues in dealings with the interested parties, as well as when solving situations with a conflict of interest, employees and managers of TransContainer follow the principles and provisions set out in the Company’s CodL of Conduct.

The Company operates a special hotline for employees, customers, partners, and other persons to report cases of unethical behavior they may discover.

The Company follows the principle of maintaining a reasonable balance between the Company’s transparency and its commercial interests. Thus the Company supports the interested parties’ rights to obtain information to the extent possible provided the Company’s insider and confidential information is protected, including commercial and other secrets protected by law. The disclosure of information and the use insider information are governed by the current Russian legislation, by regulatory requirements, including the rules of Moscow Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, and by the Company’s bylaws.

For more information on the insider information issue please refer to pages Corporate Disclosure and Insiders.

The Company carries out its procurement activities within the framework of transparent procedures, please see page Procurement for more details.