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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Welcome to TransContainer Investor Relations. Here you will find all the necessary information on our key figures, our shares and bonds, our corporate events and financials and operating results.

TransContainer creates value for its shareholders and partners by providing reliable and comprehensive solutions for container transportation and logistics in Russia, Central Europe and South-East Asia. Read more on our strategy.

Key investment highlights

Leading position in the market with strong growth potential

We are the leading provider of intermodal container transportation and logistics services in Russia and CIS with the dominant position in Russia’s rail-based container transportation market.

We believe that the Russian container transportation market has strong growth potential, due to Russia’s general macroeconomic growth potential, combined with remarkably low containerisation levels of Russian freight flows, as well as the government’s efforts to develop Russian sea ports and inland rail infrastructure.

Because of our unique asset base and wide geographic footprint, we believe that our market leadership in Russia is sustainable.

Unique asset base, both by scale and composition

In Russia where transportation markets are in relatively early stages of development, having an extensive asset base is the only way to ensure the reliability and efficiency of providing intermodal container transportation and integrated logistics solutions. We operate the largest fleet of specialised container flatcars in Russia (approximately 50 percent of all flatcars of Russian owners) and have the capacity to respond to fluctuations in demand.

Our intermodal container transportation operations are supported by our nationwide network of rail-side container terminals located at 40 railway stations, which is the largest terminal network in Russia by TEU throughput. Our terminal network has nationwide geographic coverage in Russia with presence in major transportation hubs, important railway junctions and on border crossings.

Located at our terminals we have our trucks and semi-trailers to provide container pick-up and delivery services, which are an essential integral part of our integrated logistics services.

Leading provider of integrated logistics solutions in container segment

Since 2007, we have developed integrated logistics services, which complement our more traditional terminal-to-terminal rail-based container transportation. We leverage our unique asset base and wide geographic reach to provide integrated logistics services on a door-to-door principle, which includes a full range of container transportation and freight forwarding services. Our integrated service offering is flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of customers.

We expect the demand for our integrated services to grow, and accordingly, our revenue from integrated logistics services to increase. We anticipate that the demand for our integrated logistics services will continue to grow in Russia as the market evolves to resemble more developed markets where demand for such services is significantly greater.

Wide geographic footprint

We believe that our operating and sales network is substantially larger and broader than that of any of our competitors in Russia. We operate through a network of 40 rail-side container terminals located along major routes, population and freight centres, including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg, as well as at important overland border crossings, such as those between Russia and China.

Our domestic sales efforts are supported by a network of 94 sales offices located in all of the important freight centers and hubs in Russia. We also do business in 29 countries in Europe and Asia via our network of subsidiaries, JVs and agent companies.

We are the owner and operator of the only in-land container terminal on the Russian border with China, which is located in Zabaikalsk. We are also jointly operating a rail-side container terminals Dostyk ans Altynkol on the Kazakh border with China. So we believe we are well positioned to provide transportation and logistics services along the container-traffic corridor between China and Europe.

As a result of having such a wide geographic network of sales offices and terminals, we are able to originate container freight from a huge and diverse base of shippers and deliver to over 300,000 routes throughout Russia and abroad, thus significantly reducing our dependence on any single destination, region or route.

Broad and diversified customer base

Our customer base consists of more than 200,000 accounts, including approximately 60,000 regular customers active in Russia and the CIS. Our customers range from small Russian shipping agents to major multi-national corporations, operating in various sectors of the country’s economy including automotive, manufacturing, pulp and paper, non-ferrous metals, and consumer goods.

In addition, the size and breadth of our customer base and strength of our customer relationships provides us with opportunities to cross-sell our broad range of services, including our high value integrated logistics services to our existing customers.

Experienced management team and high corporate governance standards

Our management team has substantial experience in the Russian railway industry, and particularly in the container transportation sector. As we continued to grow, new managers joined our management team from executive positions at Russian Railways and other leading companies, including those operating in other sectors of the economy.

As a company listed in Moscow and London, we strive to adhere to international corporate governance standards. We have been developing a constructive and transparent relationship with our minority shareholders and their representatives of minority shareholders on the Board of Directors.

Our IR principles

Our Investor Relations service provides information management aimed to achieve a fair market value for our business and communicate investor feedback to our management. Our fundamental principles in communications with all capital market participants are:

  • transparency
  • continuity
  • credibility
  • equal treatment.

We seek to build a long-term open and trusting relationship with all the capital market communities. We pursue a transparent and investor-orientated information policy and high standards of corporate governance.