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angle-left null TransContainer Records 44% growth in Container Transportation between Russia and Mongolia

TransContainer Records 44% growth in Container Transportation between Russia and Mongolia

PJSC TransContainer (part of Delo Group) records 44% growth in container transportation between Russia and Mongolia. In 8 months of 2023 the total volume of transportation (export, import, transit) exceeded 232 thousand TEUs, while it totaled 161 thousand TEUs for the same period last year.

Alexander Podylov, Vice President for Commerce of PJSC TransContainer, reported these data during his speech at the Eastern Economic Forum.

The main growth is accounted for import transportation (x2), the volume in export traffic increased at a lower rate (by 26%).

"On average per day we receive about 5.5 block trains from China to Mongolia, and transfer about 4 trains to China from Mongolia, so we face a slight imbalance between exports and imports. Therefore, the Russian transport community is making every effort to additionally attract exporters in order to better balance of cargo flows", - said Alexander Podylov.

Modernization of cross-border railway infrastructure and introduction of e-document management can contribute to more dynamic development of transport traffic between the countries.

Alexander Podylov paid particular attention to the Chinese-Mongolian border-crossing point Zamyn-Uud – Erlian. Thus, an increase in the length of tracks on the Chinese side of the border-crossing point would make it possible to dispatch block trains of 71 conventional wagons (the current limit is 58 conventional wagons) for export from Russia through Mongolia.
In addition, there is a need to switch to e-document management. 

"We still receive documents for trains coming from Mongolia at Naushki station in paper form, which results in longer period of customs clearance.  We are ready to share our competencies: e-document management has been used at the neighboring Zabaikalsk-Manzhouli border-crossing point for a long time. This allows us to remotely receive documents for the clearance of a train while it is on route across the territory of China," he added.