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HR Policy

Our HR policy is aimed at providing the company with highly qualified personnel and creating a close-knit team of professionals capable of solving day-to-day issues and meeting strategic targets. We treat our human resources as the company’s key asset.

We ensure that employees see the results of their work as a contribution to the overall development of the company, linking their efforts to the company’s achievements as a whole. We give a great deal of attention to motivating personnel, creating an ethical and economic system for incentivising employees, and promoting social welfare.

Social benefits

The core social benefits provided to employees are set out in the Collective bargaining Agreement.

They include:

  • Mandatory and collective voluntary medical insurance, giving employees the right to free medical care in hospitals.
  • Life insurance for all employees working in hazardous areas.
  • Reimbursing the cost of train tickets to place of work, summer house and vacation.
  • Summer camps for children.
  • Subsidised stays at health resorts for employees and family members, as well as the right to part-payment of stays paid for by employees.
  • Part-payment of the cost of children’s preschool education.
  • Remuneration and benefits for junior specialists include:
    • one-time advance payment of monthly salary on acceptance of a job offer;
    • payment of relocation expenses for employees and family members;
    • paid leave of up to seven days to make arrangements at a new place of residence;
    • possibility of corporate assistance in improving living conditions on relocation for business reasons.

Social programs

Our social programs include:

Corporate pension plan

Pensions are provided by independent pension provider Blagosostoyaniye under a resolution adopted by the board of Directors. Any employee may join the program, and the Company will match contributions towards a future pension. The size of contributions depends on the size of deductions, the employee’s length of service, and the average monthly salary over the previous two years. 

The housing program

The company partly subsidizes employees’ mortgage interest repayments The company also provides corporate assistance should employees wish to acquire or construct a home. 

The health program 

The company aims to improve employees’ health by providing opportunities for physical exercise and sport. The company rents sports halls for various forms of sport and fitness. A sports committee, chaired by the First Deputy General Director, coordinates the program, as well as the Company’s football team. We offer opportunities for employees to play volleyball, basketball, five-a-side football and tennis.